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Create a Distorted Logo Intro Video, try the Best Animated Logo Maker

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With this intro video template, you can create a distorted logo animation video, delivered in mp4 or webm format, having a duration of 11 seconds. It displays your logo design and tagline with distortion special effects.

How to animate your logo? Press the button to customized this logo video template with our animated logo maker app. Then just upload your logo image and write a tagline, for example, your website address.

When you are done personalizing the template, our video logo maker will produce a free mp4 video in just a few minutes. That video will be in low resolution and the purpose of it is to experiment our logo animation service and check for mistakes before buying the Full HD video.

To produce the mp4 logo video, we use a template made with Adobe After Effects, the most popular video production software in the world. So if you want a professional logo animation for website or uploading to your Youtube channel, try our online video editor.

We have the best logo intro maker because it's very simple to use and we use the most advanced templates. Also, we are the first company to provide such video production service online.

If you cannot find a template that you like, please contact us and we will try to find a new template for you, with the design you are looking for, so you can get your business logo on video.
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